Conceptions personnalisées avec le fabricant professionnel de ruban Washi Stamp

Conceptions personnalisées avec le fabricant professionnel de ruban Washi Stamp

It's important to choose the most thoughtful and unique gifts for your friends and family, or to decorate your home. We can help you create custom designs that match any occasion such as graduation and birthday parties, meetings and more! Simply pick a design, upload it to our website, click on order, then we will start manufacturing the tape in a timely manner.

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Product introduction:

If you want to make personalized gifts for your friends and family, or if you want to decorate your home, it is very important to choose the best design and paper tape. In the custom design cooperation with professional stamp and paper tape manufacturers, we can help you meet any custom requirements you may have. We can make paper and tape according to your own personality, preferences and interests. Our services include custom designing tapes to match occasions (graduation, vacation, birthday, etc.), using different types of images for custom design, and providing suggestions on which images look great on the tapes; We are a leading manufacturer of custom stamps and paper tapes. Can accept various sizes of custom design and orders. Our products are made of high-quality materials, including imported 100% cotton fabric, waterborne acrylic paint and non-toxic ink. The result is a very flexible, durable product that is easy to use and can last a lifetime.

Product features:

1. Paper and tape are beautiful. We like it! These custom designs will enhance your craft projects, labels, scrapbooks and interesting packaging. Each of our designs is professionally printed on high-quality paper and tape. You will enjoy the handmade labels to make you stand out from the crowd.

2. The ability to customize and design your own personalized paper tape is a very convenient and cost-effective solution that anyone can use. When you choose to design and manufacture your own paper tape, there are endless colors and patterns to choose from.

3. Our design is not limited to the space on the tape. We can customize our seal paper tape so that your design extends to the edge and to the second color paper tape. Think about unique shapes and designs that can be designed for your special occasion, such as wedding gifts or custom holiday gifts.


4. With the right design, you can create your own personal and unique stamps and paper tapes. You can choose from many types of custom designs, including animals, flowers or other popular characters. You can even add your own artistic flavor to your design by adding small decorations such as vortex and heart.

5. And paper tape is a unique handicraft, which can be used in many different projects. You can use the seal on it to create your own design, or use it as the focus of another process project you are working on. And paper tape can be repositioned and reused again and again! It creates an interesting way to add images or text to your paper crafts. Custom made paper and tape are also great gifts!

Other services: when you become our strategic partner, we will provide the latest process samples for each batch of your goods free of charge. You can enjoy our distributor price


Customized packaging: heat shrinkable packaging (ordinary) / pet box / carton / business card / plastic tube / OPP bag / label sealing / can be customized according to your requirements


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